BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastertagcache: don't allow temp commit buffer to be movedAidan MacDonald13 hours
v3.10Pass VERSION to *all* make invocations in release scriptsFrank Gevaerts10 years
v3.11(hopefully) Fix FS#12639 and other skin related buflib corruption issues.Jonathan Gordon10 years
v3.12Bump version to 3.12Alex Parker9 years
v3.13woops, revert test codeJonathan Gordon9 years
v3.14Revert "Revert "Bump version to 3.14""Franklin Wei5 years
v3.15Correctly update game file download URLs.Franklin Wei2 years
v3.7Backport r29081: Fix player becoming unresponsive on Stop / Pause in some cases.Dominik Riebeling11 years
v3.8Port r29764 to v3.8 branch. Fixes iPod nano 2G LCD issues.Andree Buschmann11 years
v3.9Backport r30323/r30169 - perl use if/elsif/else so that it'll build with both...Alex Parker10 years
bootloader_shanlingq1_v1rockbox-bootloader_shanlingq1_v1.tar.gz  rockbox-bootloader_shanlingq1_v1.tar.bz2  Aidan MacDonald7 weeks
bootloader_fiiom3k_v2rockbox-bootloader_fiiom3k_v2.tar.gz  rockbox-bootloader_fiiom3k_v2.tar.bz2  Aidan MacDonald7 weeks
bootloader_fiiom3k_v1rockbox-bootloader_fiiom3k_v1.tar.gz  rockbox-bootloader_fiiom3k_v1.tar.bz2  Aidan MacDonald7 weeks
archos_retiredrockbox-archos_retired.tar.gz  rockbox-archos_retired.tar.bz2  Solomon Peachy18 months
v3.15-finalrockbox-3.15-final.tar.gz  rockbox-3.15-final.tar.bz2  Franklin Wei2 years
showrockbox-show.tar.gz  rockbox-show.tar.bz2  Franklin Wei2 years
rbutil_1.4.1rockbox-rbutil_1.4.1.tar.gz  rockbox-rbutil_1.4.1.tar.bz2  Franklin Wei2 years
bootloader_zenxfi2_v2rockbox-bootloader_zenxfi2_v2.tar.gz  rockbox-bootloader_zenxfi2_v2.tar.bz2  Amaury Pouly4 years
bootloader_nwze350_v1rockbox-bootloader_nwze350_v1.tar.gz  rockbox-bootloader_nwze350_v1.tar.bz2  Amaury Pouly4 years
bootloader_nwze580_v1rockbox-bootloader_nwze580_v1.tar.gz  rockbox-bootloader_nwze580_v1.tar.bz2  Amaury Pouly4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
13 hourstagcache: don't allow temp commit buffer to be movedHEADmasterAidan MacDonald1-1/+4
2 daysrecording: fix mono mode mixdown functionsAidan MacDonald1-32/+16
2 daysrecscreen: clean up menu building codeAidan MacDonald1-61/+31
2 daysFix some hardcoded assumptions in recording.cAidan MacDonald2-56/+99
2 daysmanual: Document the DAC power mode settingAidan MacDonald1-0/+21
2 daysfiiom3k: power down amp before switching DAC power modesAidan MacDonald1-1/+19
2 daysaudiohw: avoid magic numbers for DAC power modeAidan MacDonald6-7/+20
2 daysx1000: internal codec audio driverAidan MacDonald4-0/+481
2 daysx1000: core PCM recording supportAidan MacDonald3-55/+135
2 daysRemove ACTION_SETTINGS_RESETAidan MacDonald39-52/+0