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@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@ Description / General Info
as a means to customize the WPS to the user's likings.
* After editing the .wps file, "play" it to make it take effect.
* The file may be 2 lines long for the Player, and 10 lines for the Recorder.
-* The line that has the time displayed on it MUST NOT be the line that
- is scrolled, or the time will not be updated.
* All characters not preceded by % are displayed as typed.
File Location
@@ -21,13 +19,10 @@ folder, it'll be remembered and used for subsequent restarts. Filenames in the
-(Options marked (*) have been added after the last official release, and are
-thus only available in daily builds.)
ID3 Info Tags:
%ia : ID3 Artist
%id : ID3 Album Name
- %ig : ID3 Genre Name (*)
+ %ig : ID3 Genre Name
%in : ID3 Track Number
%it : ID3 Track Title
%iy : ID3 Year
@@ -35,8 +30,8 @@ ID3 Info Tags:
Battery Info:
- %bl : Show numeric battery level in percent (*)
- %bt : Show estimated battery time left (*)
+ %bl : Show numeric battery level in percent
+ %bt : Show estimated battery time left
File Info Tags:
%fb : File Bitrate (in kbps)
@@ -86,9 +81,9 @@ Other Tags:
%> : Display a '>'
%s : Indicate that the line should scroll. Can occur anywhere in
a line (given that the text is displayed; see conditionals
- above). You can specify up to 10 scrolling lines (*).
- %s is ignored if combined with %pb, %pc or %pr on the same
- line (the result wouldn't be good anyway).
+ above). You can specify up to 10 scrolling lines.
+ Scrolling lines can not contain dynamic content such as timers,
+ peak meters or progress bars.
Example File
@@ -104,16 +99,16 @@ Default
If you haven't selected a .wps file in the .rockbox directory, you get the
hardcoded wps layout. The default WPS screen is for player:
-%s%pp/%pe: %?ia<%ia - >%?it<%it|%fm>
+%s%pp/%pe: %?it<%it|%fn> - %?ia<%ia|%d2> - %?id<%id|%d1>
and for recorder:
-%fb kbit %fv
-Time: %pc / %pt
+%s%?it<%?in<%in. |>%it|%fn>
+%s%?id<%id|%?d1<%d1|(root)>> %?iy<(%iy)|>
+%pc/%pt [%pp:%pe]
+%fbkBit %?fv<avg|> %?iv<(id3v%iv)|(no id3)>