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Peakmeter performance fixme: this feature doesn't exist anymore
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Selecting one will activate it. See \reference{ref:Loadingfonts}
for further details about fonts.
} % \nopt{player}
\item[Browse WPS files:]
Opens the \setting{File Browser} in the \fname{/.rockbox/wps} directory and
displays all \fname{.wps} files. Selecting one will activate it, stop will
@@ -242,17 +242,6 @@
\item[Clip Hold Time:]
The number of seconds that the clipping indicator will be visible
after clipping is detected.
- \item[Performance:]
- In high performance mode, the peak meter is updated as often as
- possible. This reduces the chance of missing a peak value, making
- the peak meter more precise. In energy save mode, the peak meter is
- updated just often enough to look fluid. This reduces the load on
- the CPU and thus saves a little bit of energy. If you crave every
- second of runtime for your \dap\ or simply use the peak meter as a
- screen effect, the use of energy save mode is recommended. If you
- want to use the peak meter as a measuring instrument you'll want to
- use high performance mode.
- \fixme{TODO: determine which platforms support this feature.}
Select whether the peak meter displays linear or logarithmic values.
The human ear perceives loudness on a logarithmic scale. If the Scale