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USB chargung now works the normal way on AMSv2, so remove the hack that treated it differently. Also fix the fuze+ workaround for the lack of ActionStdUsbCharge there
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@@ -808,20 +808,15 @@ properly.}
\section{USB Charging}
- \nopt{clipv2,fuzev2,clipplus,fuzeplus}{
To charge your \dap{} over USB, hold any button while plugging it
in. This will prevent it from connecting to your computer and let you
continue to use it normally. Your \dap{} must already be in Rockbox for this
to function.
+ \nopt{fuzeplus}{
\note{Be aware that this button may still perform its normal function, so
it is recommended to use a button without harmful side effects, such as
- \opt{clipv2,fuzev2,clipplus,fuzeplus}{
- Your \dap{} will automatically charge over USB if the cable is plugged in
- while Rockbox is running.
- }