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Manual: Update PictureFlow
- Update the manual entry for PictureFlow with the latest features and fix keymap - Strongly suggest enabling the database's "Load to RAM" feature (in my experience, this can lead to a ~60x speedup when building the album index) - Suggest enabling the dircache, as it can noticeably improve the loading times for album art. Change-Id: I12c7ce5d5388159da1790fc125f2e20bb78dbf96
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+ \label{ref:dircache}
\item [Directory Cache.] Rockbox has the ability to cache the contents of
your drive in RAM. The \setting{Directory Cache} takes a small amount of
memory away from Rockbox that would otherwise be used to buffer music,
@@ -302,7 +303,7 @@ therefore result in better runtime.
\item[Disable All Lock Notifications]
Disable all softlock notifications, including when power button
is pressed.
- \note{When this is enabled, Disable Locked Reminders is still required to
+ \note{When this is enabled, Disable Locked Reminders is still required to
be enabled for \setting{selectivebacklight} \reference{ref:selectivebacklight}
to work during key lock.}
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@@ -1,23 +1,44 @@
-PictureFlow provides a visualisation of your albums with their associated cover
-art. It is possible to start playback of the selected album from PictureFlow.
-Playback will start from the selected track. The PictureFlow plugin will
-continue to run while your tracks are played.
+PictureFlow is a visual browser for your albums. After you've selected something to play,
+PictureFlow will continue running by default, or can show the WPS. The optional WPS
+integration enables access to a context menu for adding albums or songs
+to the dynamic playlist directly from PictureFlow (see \reference{ref:currentplaylist_submenu}).
+\subsubsection{Sort Options}
+Albums can be sorted by:
+ \item Name
+ \item Year
+ \item Album Artist + Name
+ \item Album Artist + Year
-PictureFlow uses both the album art (see \reference{ref:album_art}) and
+PictureFlow uses both the album art (see \reference{ref:album_art}) and
database (see \reference{ref:database}) features of Rockbox.
-It is therefore important that these are working correctly before attempting
-to use PictureFlow. In addition, there are some other points of which to be
+These need to be working correctly before PictureFlow can be used.
+{\bf PictureFlow does not support embedded album art.}
+\opt{tc_ramcache}{\note{It is strongly recommended you enable the database's "Load to RAM" feature
+(and restart your player afterwards)! See \reference{ref:databasemenu}. This will {\bf vastly} speed up
+building the album index as well as loading of track titles when browsing albums.}}
+\opt{dircache}{\note{Enabling the disk's directory cache – see \reference{ref:dircache} – noticeably
+reduces the time it takes for cover art to be displayed.}}
- \item First an album index must be built, If you have a lot of albums/artists
- this could take a while, any button cancels the process and quits pictureflow.
- \item You don't have to wait for the albumart search to finish, you can press
- any button and the albumart will be searched in the background.
- \item Pictureflow checks for updated albumart (in background) on every restart
+ \item PictureFlow needs to build an album index the first time it's launched
+ (Cancel/Quit by pressing any button) and then writes an album art cache to disk.
+ During the latter, press any button to skip past the progress bar screen and
+ to start browsing immediately. Processing of album art will continue in the
+ background. An indicator in the screen corner shows you the completed percentage.
+ When the cache is being built, the UI may be slow to react to your input.
+ For optimal performance, wait for processing to complete.
+ \item Each time you update your player's database, you should manually rebuild or
+ update the cache in PictureFlow.
\item PictureFlow will accept album art larger than the dimensions of the
screen, but the larger the dimensions, the longer they will take to scale.
@@ -32,7 +53,7 @@ aware:
Scroll through albums / track list
% only scroll wheel and `strip' targets use the same action in album and track list
% currently the M3 does not use buttons of the main unit which has no display
@@ -57,6 +78,29 @@ aware:
+ \opt{FIIO_M3K_PAD}{
+ \ButtonLeft{} / \ButtonRight
+ &
+ Quickly jump to another album (alphabetically or by year) /
+ browse through albums from track list
+ \\
+ }
+ \ButtonLeft{} / \ButtonRight
+ &
+ Quickly jump to another album (alphabetically or by year)
+ \\
+ }
+ \opt{FIIO_M3K_PAD}{
+ \ButtonVolUp{} / \ButtonVolDown
+ &
+ Adjust current album sorting
+ \\
+ }
@@ -85,11 +129,13 @@ aware:
Play album from selected track in track list
- \nopt{IAUDIO_M3_PAD,MPIO_HD200_PAD,MPIO_HD300_PAD,touchscreen,SANSA_FUZEPLUS_PAD}{\ButtonLeft}
+ FIIO_M3K_PAD}{\ButtonLeft}
\opt{SANSA_FUZEPLUS_PAD}{\ButtonLeft{} or \ButtonBack}
+ \opt{FIIO_M3K_PAD}{\ButtonBack}
\opt{COWON_D2_PAD}{\ButtonPower{} or}
@@ -100,10 +146,16 @@ aware:
Exit track list
- \opt{SANSA_FUZEPLUS_PAD}{long \ButtonSelect}
- \opt{SAMSUNG_YH92X_PAD,SAMSUNG_YH820_PAD}{or \ButtonRew}
+ \ActionStdContext
+ &
+ Enter context menu (if WPS integration is enabled)
+ \\
+ \opt{SAMSUNG_YH92X_PAD,SAMSUNG_YH820_PAD}{or \ButtonRew}
+ \opt{SANSA_FUZEPLUS_PAD}{Long \ButtonSelect}
+ \opt{FIIO_M3K_PAD}{\ButtonPower}
@@ -117,11 +169,12 @@ aware:
\opt{SANSA_C200_PAD,IRIVER_H10_PAD}{Long \ButtonPower}
\opt{IPOD_4G_PAD,IPOD_3G_PAD}{Long \ButtonMenu}
- \opt{SANSA_FUZE_PAD}{Long \ButtonHome}
+ \opt{SANSA_FUZE_PAD}{Long \ButtonHome}
\opt{SAMSUNG_YH92X_PAD,SAMSUNG_YH820_PAD}{long \ButtonRew}
\opt{MPIO_HD300_PAD}{Long \ButtonMenu}
+ \opt{FIIO_M3K_PAD}{\ButtonBack}
\opt{COWON_D2_PAD}{Long \ButtonPower{} or}
\TouchBottomRight{} (in album view)}
@@ -133,12 +186,13 @@ aware:
Exit PictureFlow
\subsubsection{Main Menu}
- \item[Go to WPS.] Leave PictureFlow and enter the while playing screen.
+ \item[Go to WPS.] Leave PictureFlow and enter the While Playing Screen.
+ \item[Clear playlist] Removes all entries from the current playlist.
\item[Playback Control.] Control music playback from within the plugin.
\item[Settings.] Enter the settings menu.
\item[Return.] Exit menu.
@@ -148,7 +202,14 @@ aware:
\subsubsection{Settings Menu}
- \item[Show FPS.] Displays frames per second on screen.
+ \item[Show album title.] Allows setting the album title / artist to be
+ shown above or below the cover art, or not at all.
+ \item[Show year in album title.] Set whether a year will be displayed next to each album
+ title (determined by the release year of the latest track on an album).
+ \item[Sort albums by.] Change the sorting of albums in PictureFlow.
+ \item[Year sort order.] Determines whether albums are sorted in ascending or descending
+ order, when sorting by year.
+ \item[Display FPS.] Displays frames per second on screen.
\item[Spacing.] The distance between the front edges of the side slides, i.e. changes
the degree of overlap of the side slides. A larger number means less overlap. Scales with zoom.
\item[Centre margin.] The distance, in screen pixels, with zoom at 100, between
@@ -157,14 +218,13 @@ aware:
centre slide. Therefore if set to 4, there will be 3 slides on the left,
the centre slide, and then 3 slides on the right.
\item[Zoom.] Changes the distance at which slides are rendered from the ``camera''.
- \item[Show album title.] Allows setting the album title / artist to be
- shown above or below the cover art, or not at all.
\item[Resize Covers.] Set whether to automatically resize the covers or to leave
them at their original size.
\item[Rebuild cache.] Rebuild the PictureFlow cache. This is needed in order
for PictureFlow to pick up new albums, and may occasionally be needed if albums
are removed.
\item[Update cache.] Update the PictureFlow cache. New albumart will be added.
- \item[WPS integration.] Integrate pictureflow with the While Playing Screen.
+ \item[WPS integration.] Integrate PictureFlow with the While Playing Screen and enable
+ the Current Playlist context menu.
\item[Backlight.] Force backlight on while running pictureflow.