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Manual: add the bar tag themeing possibilites to the manual. Closes bug FS#11543.
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Themeing is discussed in detail in section \reference{ref:ConfiguringtheWPS},
what follows is a list of the available tags.
+\note{The ``bar-type tags'' (such as \%pb, \%pv, \%bl etc.) can be further
+ themed -- see \reference{ref:bar_tags}.}
\section{Status Bar}
\config{\%we} & Display Status Bar\\
@@ -625,6 +628,38 @@ Example:
used with conditional viewports.
+\section{\label{ref:bar_tags}Bar Tags}
+ Some tags can be used to display a bar which draws according to the value of
+ the tag. To use these tags like a bar you need to use the following parameters
+ (\%XX should be replaced with the actual tag).
+ \config{\%XX(x, y, width, filename, [options])}
+ & Draw the specified tag as a bar\newline
+ \config{x}: x co-ordinate at which to start drawing the bar.\newline
+ \config{y}: y co-ordinate at which to start drawing the bar.\newline
+ \config{width}: width of the bar (- for the full viewport width).\newline
+ \config{height}: height of the bar (- to set to the font height for
+ horizontal bars and to the viewport height for vertical bars).\newline
+ \config{options}: any of the options set out below.\\
+ \item[horizontal] -- force the bar to be drawn horizontally.
+ \item[vertical] -- force the bar to be drawn vertically.
+ \item[invert] -- invert the draw direction (i.e. right to left, or top to
+ bottom).
+ \item[slider] -- draw an preloaded image over the top of the bar. This must be
+ followed by the label of the desired image.
+ \item[nofill] -- don't draw the fill bar, only the empty image (for the
+ desired effect use with the ``slider'' option).
+Example: \config{\%pb(0,0,-,-,-,nofill, slider, slider\_image, invert)} -- draw
+a horizontal progressbar which doesn't fill and draws the image
+``slider\_image'' which moves right to left.
\section{Other Tags}
\config{\%(} & The character `('\\