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manual: Document all mikmod configuration options
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Mikmod plays most common tracker music formats.
-\note{TODO: Document configuration settings}
@@ -67,3 +65,25 @@ Mikmod plays most common tracker music formats.
& Stop playback and quit\\
+Mikmod is highly configurable, and has many setting that affect output quality. However,
+less powerful \dap{}s may lack the cpu resources that higher quality settings require, expecially
+on more complex modules. Settings are saved and re-loaded automatically.
+\begin {description}
+\item [Panning Separation]
+ Specifies how far to separate Left and Right channels. 128 is full separation, 0 is none, effectively resulting in mono sound.
+\item [Reverberation]
+ Specifies the amount of reberb (echo) to add to the mix. 0 is disabled.
+\item [Interpolation]
+ Enabling this improves the sound of lower-quality instruments. Recommended.
+\item [Swap Channels]
+ Swaps the left and right channels.
+\item [Surround]
+ Enables a faux-surround effect.
+\item [HQ Mixer]
+ Enables a high quality audio mixer that is very CPU intensive. Must restart the plugin to take effect.
+\item [Sample Rate]
+ Select the sample/mixing rate for playback. 44.1KHz or higher is recommended, but you can select from any rate the \dap{} natively supports.
+\end {description}
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@@ -712,7 +712,7 @@ To turn on and off your Rockbox enabled \dap{} use the following keys:
Rockbox has a dual-boot feature. To boot into the original firmware,
when the \dap{} is turned off, set the \ButtonLock{} switch to locked,
- and then press the \ButtonOn{} button.
+ and then press the \ButtonPower button.