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pointed out that unix-style newlines make these tools work as we want them
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<li> <a href=""></a> - diff for Windows
+ These tools will assume and operate on "unix-style" newlines. That means all
+files that you're diffing and patching etc must have LF newlines only, and
+<b>not</b> the Windows/DOS standard CRLF newlines,
+ Not complying to this simple fact will cause you grief. Mark my words.
<h2>Creating A Patch</h2>
We generate diffs (often called patches) using 'diff' in a manner similar to
@@ -80,6 +88,7 @@ manually.
You can use the --dry-run option to patch to make sure that the patch applies
clean. It doesn't actually apply the patch, only prints what would happen if
you run it.
+<h2>Removing A Patch</h2>
You can remove a patch again from the sources by doing the reverse action of
a specific patch. You do this with the -R (or --reverse) options, such as: