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Manual: Mention/reference viewing playlists through the File Browser
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\subsubsection{Through the \setting{File Browser}}
Playlist files, like regular music tracks, can be selected through the
\setting{File Browser}. When loading a playlist from disk it will replace
-the current dynamic playlist.
+the current dynamic playlist. If you want to look at a playlist's
+content without starting playback immediately, access the \setting{Context Menu} (see
+\reference{ref:Contextmenu}) with \ActionStdContext{} and choose \setting{View}.
\subsubsection{Through the \setting{Playlist catalogue}}
The \setting{Playlist catalogue} offers a shortcut to all playlists in your
\daps{} specified playlist directory.
-It can be used like the \setting{File Browser}.
+It can be used like the \setting{File Browser} but will display
+the content of a playlist when one is selected.