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The \setting{Main Menu} is the screen from which the rest of the Rockbox functions can be
accessed. It is used for a variety of functions, which are detailed below.
All options in Rockbox can be controlled via the \setting{Main Menu}.
To enter the \setting{Main Menu},
- \opt{IRIVER_H100_PAD,IRIVER_H300_PAD}{press the \ButtonMode\ button.}
- \opt{RECORDER_PAD}{press the \ButtonFOne\ button.}
- \opt{PLAYER_PAD,IPOD_4G_PAD,ONDIO_PAD}{press the \ButtonMenu\ button.}
- \opt{IAUDIO_X5_PAD}{press the \ButtonRec\ button.}
+ \opt{IRIVER_H100_PAD,IRIVER_H300_PAD}{press the \ButtonMode\ button.}%
+ \opt{RECORDER_PAD}{press the \ButtonFOne\ button.}%
+ \opt{PLAYER_PAD,IPOD_4G_PAD,ONDIO_PAD}{press the \ButtonMenu\ button.}%
+ \opt{IAUDIO_X5_PAD}{press the \ButtonRec\ button.}%
All settings are stored on the unit. However, Rockbox does not spin up
the disk solely for the purpose of saving settings. Instead, Rockbox will
@@ -206,11 +205,11 @@ battery status, hard disk size and the amount of free space on the disk.
Whilst not strictly part of the \setting{Main Menu}, it is worth noting that a few
of the more commonly used settings are available from the \setting{Quick Menu}.
The \setting{Quick Menu} screen is accessed by holding the
- \opt{RECORDER_PAD}{\ButtonFTwo}
- \opt{IRIVER_H100_PAD,IRIVER_H300_PAD}{\ButtonMode}
- \opt{IPOD_4G_PAD,IPOD_VIDEO_PAD}{\ButtonMenu}
- \opt{IAUDIO_X5_PAD}{\ButtonRec}
- key, and it allows rapid access to the \setting{Shuffle} and \setting{Repeat} modes
+ \opt{RECORDER_PAD}{\ButtonFTwo}%
+ \opt{IRIVER_H100_PAD,IRIVER_H300_PAD}{\ButtonMode}%
+ \opt{IPOD_4G_PAD,IPOD_VIDEO_PAD}{\ButtonMenu}%
+ \opt{IAUDIO_X5_PAD}{\ButtonRec}%
+ {} key, and it allows rapid access to the \setting{Shuffle} and \setting{Repeat} modes
and the \setting{Show Files} option (\reference{ref:ShowFiles}).