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Zakk Roberts' docs, edited by me
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+#define _PAGE_ RVF Conversions and Similar
+#include "head.t"
+This is a simple tutorial (or, at least, as simply put as possible) on how
+to convert your video files to RVF (Rockbox Video File), to be played on
+the Archos Recorder / FM Recorder / V2 line.
+<p> See also Fabian Merki's <a
+ href="">msi-rvf-gallery</a>, a Java program for
+ building RVF movies out of individual JPEGs.
+<h3>How To Convert AVI to RVF</h3>
+ <b><big>This Process Is For Windows Users Only</big></b>
+<li> Convert your movie file to an AVI file, uncompressed, and with the size:
+ 112x64. There are quite a few programs out there that will do this for you,
+ so I will leave this step up to you. One such program is "BPS Video
+ Converter" available online. Use google if you need.
+<li> Download the tools required here:
+ <a
+ Unzip to a PATH, such as C:\RVF, that is easily remembered.
+<li> Press START on your taskbar, choose RUN and type in the box (minus
+ quotes): "command" You should now be looking at a command prompt. If you
+ don't know basic DOS commands, here is what you need to know:
+ cd > change dir (format: cd <dir>) IE: "cd .." to go UP one, "cd ROCKBOX" to enter a path "ROCKBOX"
+<li> Navigate to your PATH in DOS prompt, using "cd" as illustrated above.
+<li> Run the file, avitoyuv, which was in the packet you earlier downloaded, using the format:
+ avitoyuv [input.avi] [output.yuv]
+ For example, if your AVI movie is called "filename" then you'd put in the following:
+ avitoyuv filename.avi filename.yuv
+ OPTIONAL: You can name the output file differently, whatever you specify it
+ will be called. INFO: This can take long to convert.
+<li> Now run the file, halftone, which was in the packet you earlier downloaded, using the format:
+ halftone [input.yuv] [output.rvf]
+ For example, if your YUV output from step 5 is called "filename" then you'd put in the following:
+ halftone filename.yuv filename.rvf
+ OPTIONAL: You can name the output differently, again. INFO: When this is
+ done, a long list will appear on your DOS screen and you will be back at the
+ command prompt again.
+<li> Copy the .rvf output to your jukebox, load up a recent daily build and
+ plugins, and kick back and watch the movie!
+Video tools, player: Jörg Hohensohn
+Tutorial: Zakk Roberts
+#include "foot.t"