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Add Study Mode to the manual. Closes FS#9118.
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found in the cuesheet file will replace the information from the ID3 tags.
When you enable this option, you'll have to reboot for it to come into
+\item[Study Mode]\index{Study Mode}
+ Designed to prevent the unintentional skipping of tracks while listening to
+ audio books, Study Mode changes the behavior of the \ActionWpsSkipPrev{} and
+ \ActionWpsSkipNext{} buttons so that they skip by a user-defined number of
+ seconds instead of the entire track, thus preventing you from losing your place
+ entirely.
+ \begin{description}
+ \item[Enable Study Mode] \setting{On}/\setting{Off}.
+ \item[Study Increment] The number of seconds to skip forward and backward.
+ \end{description}
+ \note{To skip tracks with this setting on, press Short
+ \ActionWpsSkipPrev{} + Long \ActionWpsSkipNext{} to go forward and Short
+ \ActionWpsSkipNext{} + Long \ActionWpsSkipPrev{} to go back.}