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Multiboot update manual entry
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#if defined(HAVE_BOOTDATA)
+#if defined(HAVE_MULTIBOOT)
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+\subsection{\label{ref:using_multiboot}Using Multiboot}
+ \newcommand{\redirectext}{<playername>}
+ \opt{fuze}{\renewcommand*{\redirectext}{fuze}}
+ \opt{fuzev2}{\renewcommand*{\redirectext}{fuze2}}
+ \opt{fuzeplus}{\renewcommand*{\redirectext}{fuze+}}
+ \opt{clipplus}{\renewcommand*{\redirectext}{clip+}}
+ \opt{clipzip}{\renewcommand*{\redirectext}{clipzip}}
+ Using a specially crafted redirect file combined with special firmware builds
+ that allow the boot drive to be passed from the bootloader, some devices can
+ run Rockbox from a MicroSD card. You can even direct the bootloader to run the
+ firmware from a different folder within the SD card if desired.
+ \note{
+ Each supported model looks for a specific redirect file
+ (file extension is unique to each model).
+ }
+ Create \fname{/rockbox\_main.\redirectext{}} in the root of the SD card.
+ The redirect file should contain a single line denoting the path to the root
+ of the desired \fname{.rockbox} directory. A single forward slash ``/'' indicates
+ \fname{/.rockbox} in the root of the sd card.
+ \note{The redirect file does not work when placed on the internal drive.}
+ If instead you wanted to run the Rockbox from SD card \fname{/mybuild/.rockbox}
+ then your \fname{/rockbox\_main.\redirectext{}} file should contain:\\
+ \begin{exampleredirect}
+ /mybuild/
+ \end{exampleredirect}
\section{Optimising battery runtime}
Rockbox offers a lot of settings that have high impact on the battery runtime
of your \dap{}. The largest power savings can be achieved through disabling