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Update manual for boot behaviour on clip+, clipv2 and fuzev2.
The bootloader doesn't boot into the Original Firmware anymore since a while. Remove the claim that Rockbox will always boot the OF on USB, and add a note about older builds not providing USB support. Change-Id: I44f37eeb849b522a2024eb26cee064e848bc4d17
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@@ -669,9 +669,10 @@ To turn on and off your Rockbox enabled \dap{} use the following keys:
- The player will always boot into the original firmware if it is powered
- by a USB connection. When Rockbox USB support is officially stable,
- a new bootloader will be released changing this behavior.
+ \note{Rockbox does not boot into the original firmware when powered by
+ a USB connection. Older versions of Rockbox do not provide USB support.
+ If you have such a version installed you need to manually boot into the
+ original firmware for data transfer via USB.}