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done when connected to a host computer.
-\section{What is new since v2.5?}
-Changes in version 3.0
People that have contributed to the project, one way or another. Friends!
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+\section{What is new since v3.0?}
+\subsection{New features}
+\item 2008-12-09: Album Art resizing.
+\item 2008-12-09: FM radio support on Gigabeat S.
+\item 2008-11-26: Software controlled backlight fading for targets without hardware fading (e200v1, c200v1, X5, Cowon D2 and H300)
+\item 2008-12-01: Several new tags were added to the WPS syntax
+\item 2008-11-20: The build system received a major overhaul
+\item 2008-11-03: Customisable options in the QuickScreen
+\item 2008-10-25: Calendar plugin on all RTC equipped targets
+\item 2008-10-08: Configurable mono recording mode
+\item 2008-10-07: Support for version 1.1 scrobbler log files
+\item 2008-10-03: APE playback optimized
+\item 2008-09-21: MP3 playback optimized for dual-core targets
+\section{What is new since v2.5?}
+\subsection{New features}
+\item 2008-07-27: SAP codec
+\item 2008-07-14: Initial support for the Onda VX747
+\item 2008-07-07: Added keybox plugin
+\item 2008-06-10: md5sum plugin added
+\item 2008-05-21: MOD codec support added
+\item 2008-05-21: Initial support for the Philips GoGear SA9200.
+\item 2008-05-04: Added study mode
+\item 2008-05-03: Sound on the Gigabeat S.
+\item 2008-04-24: Initial support for the Creative Zen Vision:M
+\item 2008-04-23: Lamp (originally "flashlight") plugin
+\item 2008-03-23: New bitmap strips feature in the WPS
+\item 2008-03-23: The iAudio M3 is now a supported target
+\item 2008-03-21: Viewport tag added for WPS
+\item 2008-03-18: The Olympus m:robe 100 is now a supported target
+\item 2007-12-09: PictureFlow: A nice animated visualization for album art
+\item 2007-11-26: Matrix Demo
+\item 2007-11-11: Rockbox can now display album art
+\item 2007-09-06: Sound on Sansa c200
+\item 2007-09-04: The SanDisk Sansa e200R models are now Rockboxed!
+\item 2007-08-06: Make several splashes and confirmation screens speak
+\item 2007-08-03: iPod 3rd gen is now officially a supported target
+\item 2007-08-02: Superdom game
+\item 2007-07-27: Sound on iPod 2nd Gen
+\item 2007-07-25: Jackpot support for bitmap targets
+\item 2007-07-03: WMA codec initial support
+\item 2007-06-30: Reversi game
+\item 2007-06-29: Rocklife plugin
+\item 2007-06-28: Maze game
+\item 2007-06-17: Custom filetype colour feature introduced
+\item 2007-06-05: Monkey's Audio support
+\item 2007-05-23: The 80GB Ipod Video is now supported by Rockbox
+\item 2007-04-09: WAV file viewer
+\item 2007-03-11: Sound on the Sansa e200
+\item 2007-03-04: Rockbox runs and plays music on the iAudio M5
+\item 2007-03-01: Add the Rockbox Menu
+\item 2007-02-16: Chopper game
+\item 2007-02-14: Cuesheet support
+\item 2007-02-14: Icons in the menus
+\item 2007-02-14: SPC codec
+\item 2007-02-10: Album Artist and Comment Tag Support
+\item 2007-02-09: Speex Codec Support
+\item 2007-01-31: Invadrox, a Space Invaders clone
+\item 2007-01-25: NSF codec
+\item 2007-01-16: BlackJack plugin
+\item 2007-01-02: Mazezam, a puzzle game for all bitmap lcd targets
+\item 2006-12-29: Toshiba Gigabeat X and F series support
+\item 2006-11-30: File properties in context menu
+\item 2006-11-06: Samplerate and format selection added to recording
+ settings. Encoders can be configured individually on a menu specific
+ to the encoder in the recording menu
+\item 2006-11-06: Pitch adjustment in semitone steps
+\item 2006-10-27: Audio dithering option
+\item 2006-10-19: (audioscrobbler) logging support
+\item 2006-10-05: FM radio region setting
+\item 2006-09-25: ADX codec
+\item 2006-09-15: ZX spectrum emulator plugin - zxbox
+\item 2006-08-28: Encoder Codec Interface for recording with
+ additional FM recording support
+\item 2006-08-07: Initial version of mpegplayer plugin
+\item 2006-07-19: Rockpaint plugin
+\item 2006-07-18: SID codec
+\item 2006-07-18: Playlist catalog
+\item 2006-04-19: Rockbox is functional and plays audio on the iPod Mini 1G
+\item 2006-03-30: Rockbox is functional and plays audio on the iPod Mini 2G
+\item 2006-03-28: DOOM
+\item 2006-03-28: Sound on the iAudio X5 , X5L and X5V
+\item 2006-03-26: Experimental WAV playback plugin for Archos Recorder/Ondio
+\item 2006-03-26: Initial version of Tag Cache
+\item 2006-03-20: Bubbles, a bubble game
+\item 2006-03-19: Tetrox, a Tetris clone
+\item 2006-03-12: Xobox, a Xonix/Qix clone
+\item 2006-03-11: Pacbox, a pacman arcade machine emulator
+\item 2006-02-22: "Chessbox" chess game plugin
+\item 2006-02-13: iPod 5G audio playback
+\item 2006-02-01: AIFF codec support added
+\item 2006-01-28: Color bitmap support in the WPS (for color models)
+\item 2006-01-23: Brickmania game plugin
+\item 2005-12-06: Unicode support
+\item 2005-11-05: Jewels game plugin - a Bejeweled clone.
+\item 2008-08-06: Redesigned recording screen
+\item 2008-02-23: New default theme: cabbie 2.0
+\item 2008-01-04: All new greyscale library with improved performance
+\item 2007-08-08: Added support for grouping tags
+\item 2007-08-06: Organise the plugins into categories
+\item 2007-08-05: Voice file changes. Older voices no longer work, now
+ all voice files are target-specific.
+\item 2007-08-03: Added support for the disc number tag
+\item 2007-04-04: WPS tokenizer: Rewritten WPS code
+\item 2007-03-20: rockbox.* file moved inside /.rockbox directory
+\item 2007-01-23: Settings are now saved to /.rockbox/config.cfg and
+ the hidden config sector is not used anymore
+\item 2006-11-29: Playlists are saved with the extension .m3u8,
+ extension .m3u is now read using the chosen codepage
+\item 2006-09-16: New scheduler. Audio playback is now prioritised
+ over other tasks
+\item 2006-09-02: Enhanced statusbar in recording screen
+\item 2006-08-15: Support for displaying the path in the file browser
+\item 2006-02-07: Equalizer configuration for software codec platforms
+\item 2006-02-06: The Rockbox manual is available in \LaTeX format
+\item 2005-12-05: New wps' added. Engineeer2, marquee, and DancePuffDuo
+\subsection{Bug fixes}