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Manual: update %?pv description
Update %?pv description to better describe the conditions it returns Change-Id: I6be4d5293aa6816ae35d743b172fe324d7dc6d12 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Jonathan Gordon <>
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@@ -190,8 +190,8 @@ or \config{\%D(2)}), produce the information for the next file to be played.
\config{\%ps} & ``s'' if shuffle mode is enabled\\
\config{\%pt} & Total track time\\
\config{\%pv} & Current volume (in dB). Can also be used in a conditional:
- \config{\%?pv<0|1|2|\ldots|N>}\newline
- 0 is used for mute, the last option is used for values greater than zero.
+ \config{\%?pv<Mute|\ldots|0 dB|Above 0 dB>}\newline
+ Mute is 0\% volume, \ldots is the values between Mute and max, 0 dB is max volume, and Above 0 dB is amplified volume
\opt{lcd_bitmap}{This can also be used like \%pb to provide a continuous scale:
\config{\%pv(x,y,[width],[height],image.bmp)}} \\
\config{\%pS} & Track is starting. An optional number gives how many seconds