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Theme Editor: Updated the README file
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To build the theme editor, you will need a Qt development environment with the
Qt core and GUI libraries and qmake, along with standard C and C++ compilers
and libraries. To compile, cd to the source directory and run the "qmake"
-command followed by "make". This will produce the binary "themeeditor". At the
-moment, this simply prints a text debug tree. Soon, it will launch a GUI
+command followed by "make". This will produce the binary "themeeditor".
+The binary will launch a GUI application that will allow you to create, open,
+edit and save WPS files. Editing takes place in the central tabbed text editor.
+Docks on the edges of the main window will show you a file tree, an empty
+"Skin Preview," and a parse tree of the current document. At present, only the
+parse tree and the editor work correctly. You can close all the other panels
+by clicking the 'x' buttons at their corners, if you desire. You can also
+rearrange and resize panels any way you please, including tearing them off into
+separate windows.
+From the preferences dialog (found in the File menu, or by pressing Ctrl+P), you
+can change the font and color scheme of the editor and syntax highlighter.
+If you catch a bug (other than unimplemented features, which abound at this
+stage) or think of a feature you'd like to see implemented, you can send me an
+email at robby(at)bieberphoto(dot)com, or catch me on the #rockbox IRC channel
+on Freenode.