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Add (initial) installation instructions for the Gigabeat bootloader.
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+Installing the bootloader is only needed once. It simply requires you
+to replace a file on your \dap{} with the Rockbox bootloader. To be able
+booting the original firmware please make sure to rename the original file
+properly. If you ever wish to uninstall Rockbox you should keep a backup copy
+of the original file.
+\item Download the Rockbox bootloader. \fixme{Currently there isn't a
+ prebuild bootloader available and you'll need to build it yourself.
+ This is described in the wiki. Once a prebuild bootloader is available
+ the link comes here. Have a look at \download{bootloader/}.}
+\item Starting at the root folder of your player browse into the folder
+ \fname{GBSYSTEM} and from that into the subfolder \fname{FWIMG}.
+ These folders are hidden. You can enter them by simply typing the name in
+ Windows explorers location bar or changing the display settings.
+\item In that folder you'll find a file called \fname{FWIMG01.DAT}. Rename
+ the file to \fname{FWIMG01.DAT.ORIG}. Make sure you spelled that name
+ correctly as it is needed for booting the \playerman{} firmware.
+\item Now copy the file \fname{FWIMG01.DAT} you downloaded to that folder.
+ Make sure the spelling is correct.
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+ \opt{gigabeat}{\input{getting_started/gigabeat_install.tex}}
\section{Enabling Speech Support (optional)}\label{sec:enabling_speech_support}
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