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Describe "jump to default" feature (FS#8919 by Alexander Levin).
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@@ -81,6 +81,16 @@ Go to the \setting{While Playing Screen} and resume if music playback is
stopped or paused and there is something to resume (see \reference{ref:WPS}).
+The \setting{Settings} menu allows to set or adjust many parameters that affect
+the way your \dap{} works. There are many submenus for different parameter
+areas. Every time you are setting a value of a parameter, and that value is
+selected from a list of some predefined available values, you can press
+\ActionStdContext, and the selection cursor will jump to the default value for
+the parameter. You can then confirm or cancel the value. This is useful if you
+have changed the value of the parameter from the default to some other value and
+would like to restore the default value.
\subsection{Sound Settings}
The \setting{Sound Settings} menu offers a selection of sound properties you may
change to customise your listening experience. The details of this menu are covered