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Add a short description of the rocklife plugin to the manual. Also add the .cells files to the table of supported files.
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& Colours & \fname{.colours} & Open the colours file for editing.
See \reference{ref:ChangingFiletypeColours}.\\
+ & Game of Life & \fname{.cells} & Show the configuration with the
+ ``Rocklife'' plugin\\}
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+This an implementation of J. H. Conway's Game of Life (see
+\url{\%27s_Game_of_Life} for a detailed
+Rockbox can open files with a configuration description (\fname{.cells} files).
+Just ``play'' such file and the game configuration stored in it will be loaded
+into this plugin.
+A \fname{.cells} file is a text file. A capital `O' marks a live cell, a dot
+marks a dead cell, all other characters are ignored. Everything on a line
+starting with an exclamation sign (and including it) is a comment and is