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Q77: Why are you developing X when you should be doing Y?
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another setting for the file filter, or insert the USB and extract
it again
4) Turn it off and on again
+Q77: Why are you developing X when you should be doing Y?
+A77: You make the common mistake of confusing Rockbox development with that of
+ commercial projects. There is not much of an agenda for the development
+ of Rockbox. Anyone who wants to write new features can do that.
+ If there is a current "huge emphasis" on the X functionality, it is
+ because one or more developers, decided he/they wanted to write it. It's
+ not because "Rockbox project management" decided function X is a more
+ important feature than anything else.
+ That is the nature of Free Software: People write code that scratches
+ their own itches, or that simply is fun to write. Everybody working with
+ Rockbox is doing it for fun. A wide or narrow audience actually has only
+ little bearing on the choice of features to implement.
+ The moment someone with a bit of time to spare and the necessary
+ programming skills (or a will to learn them) feels function Y is a
+ sufficiently useful feature, it will be written.
+ (That could be you.)