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Change naming: Quick Menus become Quick Screens because they're not really menus and are called quick screens in all other parts of rockbox. Also remove the (generic) Quick Screen section from the recorder manual because it already has a specific Quick Screens section.
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--- a/manual/main_menu/main.tex
+++ b/manual/main_menu/main.tex
@@ -211,11 +211,11 @@ pages of information.}
-\section{Quick Menu}
+\section{Quick Screen}
Whilst not strictly part of the \setting{Main Menu}, it is worth noting that
a few of the more commonly used settings are available from the
- \setting{Quick Menu}.
- The \setting{Quick Menu} screen is accessed with \ActionStdQuickScreen{}
+ \setting{Quick Screen}.
+ The \setting{Quick Screen} screen is accessed with \ActionStdQuickScreen{}
and exited with the same button.
It allows rapid access to the \setting{Shuffle} and \setting{Repeat}
modes (\reference{ref:PlaybackOptions}) and the \setting{Show Files}
diff --git a/manual/rockbox_interface/browsing_and_playing.tex b/manual/rockbox_interface/browsing_and_playing.tex
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--- a/manual/rockbox_interface/browsing_and_playing.tex
+++ b/manual/rockbox_interface/browsing_and_playing.tex
@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@ the \setting{Show Files} setting to all.
& Enter the \setting{Main Menu}\\
- \ButtonFTwo & Switches to the Browse/Play Quick Menu \\
+ \ButtonFTwo & Switches to the Browse/Play Quick Screen \\
- \ButtonFThree & Switches to the Display Quick Menu \\
+ \ButtonFThree & Switches to the Display Quick Screen \\
diff --git a/manual/rockbox_interface/wps.tex b/manual/rockbox_interface/wps.tex
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--- a/manual/rockbox_interface/wps.tex
+++ b/manual/rockbox_interface/wps.tex
@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ your WPS (While Playing Screen).
%These actions need definitions for the other targets
- \ButtonFThree & Toggles Display quick menu.\\%
+ \ButtonFThree & Toggles Display quick screen.\\%
\ButtonFOne+\ButtonDown & Key lock on/off.\\%
\ButtonFOne+\ButtonPlay & Mute on/off.\\%
@@ -254,12 +254,12 @@ function in the file browser's \setting{Context Menu}.
- \section{\label{ref:QuickScreenMenus}Quick Screen Menus}
- \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen-112x64x1.png}{The quick screen}{}
- \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen2-112x64x1.png}{The quick screen}{}
+ \section{\label{ref:QuickScreens}Quick Screens}
+ \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen-112x64x1.png}{The F2 quick screen}{}
+ \screenshot{rockbox_interface/images/ss-quick-screen2-112x64x1.png}{The F3 quick screen}{}
Rockbox handles function buttons in a different way to the Archos software.
\ButtonFOne\ is always bound to the menu function, while \ButtonFTwo\ and
- \ButtonFThree\ enable two quick menus.
+ \ButtonFThree\ enable two quick screens.
\ButtonFTwo\ displays some browse and play settings which are likely to be
changed frequently. This settings are Shuffle mode, Repeat mode and the Show