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manual: fix layout of Backlight Exemptions description
Use a {description} block rather than an {itemize} since the latter doesn't look very good here. Change-Id: Ic1052085ff1bd523bfa7e3637aa8bf9691eb785f
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Allows to select actions that will \emph{not} activate backlight.
- \begin{itemize}
- \item[Exempt Volume]
+ \begin{description}
+ \item[Exempt Volume.]
Volume up/down.
- \item[Exempt Play]
+ \item[Exempt Play.]
Toggling Play/Pause.
- \item[Exempt Seek]
+ \item[Exempt Seek.]
Seeking in a track.
- \item[Exempt Skip]
+ \item[Exempt Skip.]
Skipping of a track.
\item[Disable Unmapped Keys.]
Buttons that have no action assigned and accidental button
combinations don't turn on backlight.
\item[Disable on External Power.]
When plugged goes back to regular behavior.
- \end{itemize}
+ \end{description}
Selected actions are indicated by a leading +.
Note: If all options get de-selected, the entire feature is disabled.