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Apply FS#10204 by Wookey (yes, his real name :)) - Add the subline tags to the WPS Tags summary appendix.
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@@ -462,6 +462,7 @@ Jack Halpin
Johannes Schwarz
Dustin Skoracki
Torne Wuff
The libmad team
The wavpack team
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@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ name used in the next song and \config{\%Ff} is the mp3 frequency.
suggest you use the conditional display tag a lot when displaying
information about the next song!}
-\subsubsection{Alternating Sublines}
+\subsubsection{\label{ref:AlternatingSublines}Alternating Sublines}
It is possible to group items on each line into 2 or more groups or
``sublines''. Each subline will be displayed in succession on the line for a
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@@ -340,6 +340,21 @@ order left -- center -- right. If the aligned texts overlap, they are merged.
+\section{Subline Tags}
+ & Set the subline display cycle time (\%t5 or \%t3.4 formats) \\
+ & Split items on a line into separate sublines \\
+Allows grouping of several items (sublines) onto one line, with the
+display cycling round the defined sublines. See
+\reference{ref:AlternatingSublines} for details.
\section{Real Time Clock}