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Remove Jump scroll from the manual too
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Defines the number of pixels the horizontal manual screen scroll should move
for each step.
- \opt{player}{
- \item[Jump Scroll.]
- This setting makes text scroll a page at a time instead of a character
- at a time. If set to \setting{One time}, \setting{2}, \setting{3} or
- \setting{4} it will scroll a line in paged mode that many times and
- then scroll it a character at a time. If set to \setting{Always} lines
- will always scroll in paged mode.
- \item[Jump Scroll Delay.]
- Controls how long the delay is before a page is scrolled.
- }
\item[Paged Scrolling.]
When set to \setting{Yes} scrolling vertically on pages that surpass the
screen size will page up/down instead of simply changing lines. This can be