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Clip+: add description of buttons for blind users
Also change 'clip' options into correct 'clipv1' git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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@@ -387,13 +387,27 @@ detail in the following paragraph.
\ButtonHold{} switch is on, none of the other buttons have any effect.
- \opt{clip,clipv2}{
+ \opt{clipplus,clipv1,clipv2}{
Hold the \dap{} with the controls on the bottom and the screen on the top. The main
controls are a four-way pad with a button in the centre; pressing this centre button
functions as \ButtonSelect{}. Going clockwise from the top, the four-way pad contains
the \ButtonUp{}, \ButtonRight{}, \ButtonDown{}, and \ButtonLeft{} buttons.
Immediately above and to the right of the four-way pad is the \ButtonHome{} button.
+ }
+ %
+ \opt{clipplus}{
+ The \ButtonPower{} button is on the top of the \dap{}, towards the right side.
+ At the bottom of the right side of the \dap{} is a slot for microSD cards.
+ Above this slot on the right side is the headphone socket.
+ On the left hand panel is a two-way button that acts as \ButtonVolDown{} when
+ pressed on the bottom, and \ButtonVolUp{} when pressed on the top. Immediately
+ above the switch is a mini-USB port to connect the \dap{} to a computer.
+ }
+ %
+ \opt{clipv1,clipv2}{
On the left hand panel is a two way switch. Pressing this switch up acts as
\ButtonPower{}, and clicking it down until it locks acts as the \ButtonHold{}
switch. When the \ButtonHold{} switch is on, none of the other buttons have any