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Update the manual to reflect the recent addition of the 4th item to the quickscreen..
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\section{\label{ref:QuickScreen}Quick Screen}
Although the \setting{Quick Screen} is accessible from nearly everywhere,
not just the \setting{Main Menu}, it is worth mentioning here. It allows
- rapid access to your three favourite settings. The default settings are
+ rapid access to your four favourite settings. The default settings are
+ \setting{Party Mode},
\setting{Shuffle} (\reference{ref:PlaybackSettings}),
\setting{Repeat} (\reference{ref:PlaybackSettings}) and the
\setting{Show Files} (\reference{ref:ShowFiles}) options, but almost all
@@ -273,5 +274,9 @@ pages of information.}
Press \ActionStdQuickScreen{} to access it and \ActionQuickScreenExit{} to exit.
The direction buttons will modify the individual setting values as indicated
- by the arrow icons.
+ by the arrow icons. Please note that the settings at opposite sides of the
+ screen cycle through the available options in opposite directions.
+ Therefore if you select the same setting at e.g. the top and bottom of the
+ quickscreen, then pressing up and down will cycle through this setting in
+ opposite directions.