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android: Get the port up and running again
The build system needed fixes because the tools paths changed and one tool that we used (apkbuilder) was removed entirely. Recent NDKs don't ship gcc 4.4.3 anymore, therefore switch to 4.6. The code itself needed a fix for a jni reference bug that was uncovered by KitKat. The port now builds with latest sdk (r22) and ndk (r9d). Change-Id: Id74fa54ba93bbb0ee30373fbe79e92c5ff03201d
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@@ -0,0 +1,19 @@
+[ -z $ANDROID_SDK_PATH ] && exit 1
+[ -z $BUILDDIR ] && exit 1
+[ -d $BUILDDIR ] || exit 1
+# need to cd into the bin dir and create a symlink to the libraries
+# so that aapt puts the libraries with the correct prefix into the apk
+cd $BUILDDIR/bin
+ln -nfs $BUILDDIR/libs lib
+cp resources.ap_ $APK
+$ANDROID_SDK_PATH/build-tools/$SDKV/aapt add $APK classes.dex > /dev/null
+$ANDROID_SDK_PATH/build-tools/$SDKV/aapt add $APK lib/*/* > /dev/null
+exit 0