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x1000: fix broken OST2 timer prescaler
It turns out the prescaler fields in OST_CTRL are 2 bits wide, not 3. The programming manual (as usual) is ambiguous and its diagram shows 2-bit wide fields, but the bit positions in the text give a 3-bit wide field. Ingenic's Linux code and my own testing shows that they are, in fact, 2 bits wide. This caused the OST2 divisor to be 16 instead of 4; the OST1 divisor was correct. This means that all udelay/mdelay calls took 4x longer than they should've. After this change the OST2 prescaler will be 4, as intended, and udelay/mdelay calls will wait for the intended duration. Change-Id: I2ac0a9190f49b59a840c649bf586131f5f9fde82
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