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Minor build script tweaks to make android auto-buildable.
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diff --git a/android/README b/android/README
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--- a/android/README
+++ b/android/README
@@ -16,22 +16,20 @@ compiling the java files will fail.
* Build instructions
-Use this as your build folder, using '../tools/configure' etc.
- $ ../tools/configure # type 200, then chose A for android and your screen resolution
- $ make
+1. Create a separate build folder. Do not build in this source directory.
+2. Run "../tools/configure". Choose target 200, then chose 'A' for Android
+ and input your screen resolution.
-After the build finished, build the zip file which contains codecs and themes (the binary is a separate file):
- $ make zip
+3. Run "make"
-Once you have the zip, pack it and the binary into the apk
- $ make apk
+4. Run "make zip". This has to be run the first time, and any time themes
+ or plugins have changed. Otherwise you may skip it.
-Side note: You don't necessarily need to recreate the zip once you have it, only if you're unsure or if you know its content changed.
-Not recreating it will save time because it's only unzipped on the device if it's newer than what's on the device
+5. Run "make apk"
-You can install that on your device or emulator with the following command:
- $ $ANDROID_SDK_PATH/tools/adb install -r bin/Rockbox.apk
+6. Optional. Install on your target/emulator, using the following command:
+ "$ANDROID_SDK_PATH/tools/adb install -r rockbox.apk"
diff --git a/android/android.make b/android/android.make
index f611d5d5a1..492c0127cb 100644
--- a/android/android.make
+++ b/android/android.make
@@ -41,11 +41,11 @@ JAVA_SRC := $(wildcard $(ANDROID_DIR)/src/$(PACKAGE_PATH)/*.java)
JAVA_OBJ := $(call java2class,$(subst $(ANDROID)/src/$(PACKAGE_PATH),$(ANDROID)/bin/$(PACKAGE_PATH),$(JAVA_SRC)))
-TEMP_APK := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/_Rockbox.apk
-TEMP_APK2 := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/__Rockbox.apk
+TEMP_APK := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/_rockbox.apk
+TEMP_APK2 := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/__rockbox.apk
DEX := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/classes.dex
AP_ := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/resources.ap_
-APK := $(BUILDDIR)/bin/Rockbox.apk
+APK := $(BUILDDIR)/rockbox.apk
DIRS := $(subst ___,bin,$(_DIRS))
@@ -53,6 +53,8 @@ DIRS += $(subst ___,gen,$(_DIRS))
DIRS += $(subst ___,data,$(_DIRS))
DIRS += $(BUILDDIR)/libs/armeabi
+CLEANOBJS += bin gen libs data
$(call PRINTS,AAPT $(subst $(BUILDDIR)/,,$@))$(AAPT) package -f -m \
@@ -106,6 +108,3 @@ $(DIRS):
dirs: $(DIRS)
apk: $(APK)
- $(SILENT)rm -f $(BUILDDIR)/bin/$(PACKAGE_PATH)/*.class $(R_JAVA) $(TEMP_APK) $(TEMP_APK2) $(APK) $(DEX) $(BUILDDIR)/ $(AP_) $(LIBS)