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authorJonathan Gordon <>2007-07-22 06:05:53 +0000
committerJonathan Gordon <>2007-07-22 06:05:53 +0000
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remove the need for action_signalscreenchange().
Fixes problems with targets where the ACTION_STD_CANCEL event is a combo git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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diff --git a/apps/action.h b/apps/action.h
index bd66fcf6f9..7acaf9c005 100644
--- a/apps/action.h
+++ b/apps/action.h
@@ -237,8 +237,6 @@ int get_custom_action(int context,int timeout,
const struct button_mapping* (*get_context_map)(int));
/* use if one of the standard CONTEXT_ mappings will work (ALL the core should be using this! */
int get_action(int context, int timeout);
-/* call this whenever you leave your button loop */
-void action_signalscreenchange(void);
/* call this if you need to check for ACTION_STD_CANCEL only (i.e user abort! */
bool action_userabort(int timeout);
@@ -253,8 +251,6 @@ bool is_keys_locked(void);
If button != NULL it will be set to the actual button code */
#define ACTION_REMOTE 0x1 /* remote was pressed */
#define ACTION_REPEAT 0x2 /* action was repeated (NOT button) */
-#define ACTION_IGNORING 0x4 /* action_signalscreenchange() was called \
- waiting for BUTTON_REL */
int get_action_statuscode(int *button);