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Initial commit for the Sony NWZ linux port
SUPPORTED SERIES: - NWZ-E450 - NWZ-E460 - NWZ-E470 - NWZ-E580 - NWZ-A10 NOTES: - bootloader makefile convert an extra font to be installed alongside the bootloader since sysfont is way too small - the toolsicon bitmap comes from the Oxygen iconset - touchscreen driver is untested TODO: - implement audio routing driver (pcm is handled by pcm-alsa) - fix playback: it crashes on illegal instruction in DEBUG builds - find out why the browser starts at / instead of /contents - implement radio support - implement return to OF for usb handling - calibrate battery curve (NB: of can report a battery level on a 0-5 scale but probabl don't want to use that ?) - implement simulator build (we need a nice image of the player) - figure out if we can detect jack removal POTENTIAL TODOS: - try to build a usb serial gadget and gdbserver Change-Id: Ic77d71e0651355d47cc4e423a40fb64a60c69a80
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@@ -39,6 +39,12 @@ rockboxlogo.480x149x16.bmp
+/* The Sony NWZ linux bootloader needs icons to display a menu */
+#if defined(BOOTLOADER) && defined(SONY_NWZ_LINUX)
#ifndef BOOTLOADER /* We don't need these for the bootloader */
/* USB logo */
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