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The const police raid playback.c, should be no change to behaviour.
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diff --git a/apps/codecs.h b/apps/codecs.h
index fb5675fd84..85b73a4953 100644
--- a/apps/codecs.h
+++ b/apps/codecs.h
@@ -126,28 +126,28 @@ struct codec_api {
void* (*get_codec_memory)(size_t *size);
/* Insert PCM data into audio buffer for playback. Playback will start
automatically. */
- bool (*pcmbuf_insert)(const void *ch1, const void *ch2, int count);
+ bool (*pcmbuf_insert)(const void *ch1, const void *ch2, const int count);
/* Set song position in WPS (value in ms). */
- void (*set_elapsed)(unsigned int value);
+ void (*set_elapsed)(const unsigned int value);
/* Read next <size> amount bytes from file buffer to <ptr>.
Will return number of bytes read or 0 if end of file. */
- size_t (*read_filebuf)(void *ptr, size_t size);
+ size_t (*read_filebuf)(void *ptr, const size_t size);
/* Request pointer to file buffer which can be used to read
<realsize> amount of data. <reqsize> tells the buffer system
how much data it should try to allocate. If <realsize> is 0,
end of file is reached. */
- void* (*request_buffer)(size_t *realsize, size_t reqsize);
+ void* (*request_buffer)(size_t *realsize, const size_t reqsize);
/* Advance file buffer position by <amount> amount of bytes. */
- void (*advance_buffer)(size_t amount);
+ void (*advance_buffer)(const size_t amount);
/* Advance file buffer to a pointer location inside file buffer. */
void (*advance_buffer_loc)(void *ptr);
/* Seek file buffer to position <newpos> beginning of file. */
- bool (*seek_buffer)(size_t newpos);
+ bool (*seek_buffer)(const size_t newpos);
/* Codec should call this function when it has done the seeking. */
void (*seek_complete)(void);
/* Calculate mp3 seek position from given time data in ms. */
- off_t (*mp3_get_filepos)(int newtime);
+ off_t (*mp3_get_filepos)(const int newtime);
/* Request file change from file buffer. Returns true is next
track is available and changed. If return value is false,
codec should exit immediately with PLUGIN_OK status. */
@@ -155,12 +155,12 @@ struct codec_api {
/* Free the buffer area of the current codec after its loaded */
void (*discard_codec)(void);
- void (*set_offset)(size_t value);
+ void (*set_offset)(const size_t value);
/* Configure different codec buffer parameters. */
- void (*configure)(int setting, intptr_t value);
+ void (*configure)(const int setting, const intptr_t value);
/* kernel/ system */
- void (*PREFIX(sleep))(int ticks);
+ void (*PREFIX(sleep))(const int ticks);
void (*yield)(void);
#if NUM_CORES > 1