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authorNils Wallménius <>2010-12-27 09:49:33 +0000
committerNils Wallménius <>2010-12-27 09:49:33 +0000
commit479414faccedeeb1ca7d0b6074bd69f2ef6dd441 (patch)
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parentbf897793d7275948b6d2953283448b890058488e (diff)
Fix profiling on coldfire with newer Gcc.
In switch_thread, make the call to profile_thread_stopped from an inline asm block to make sure the sp is pointing to the right place before storing the context. This apparently worked by luck with the old Gcc. The workaround used for coldfire in the codeclib's __cyg_profile_func_enter does not work with newer gcc, however the workaround isn't needed for those so enable it only for coldfire gcc version < 4. git-svn-id: svn:// a1c6a512-1295-4272-9138-f99709370657
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diff --git a/apps/codecs/lib/codeclib.c b/apps/codecs/lib/codeclib.c
index 329b0e2136..5af4e01fff 100644
--- a/apps/codecs/lib/codeclib.c
+++ b/apps/codecs/lib/codeclib.c
@@ -163,7 +163,9 @@ const uint8_t bs_clz_tab[256] ICONST_ATTR = {
void __cyg_profile_func_enter(void *this_fn, void *call_site) {
+/* This workaround is required for coldfire gcc 3.4 but is broken for 4.4
+ and 4.5, but for those the other way works. */
+#if defined(CPU_COLDFIRE) && defined(__GNUC__) && __GNUC__ < 4
ci->profile_func_enter(this_fn, __builtin_return_address(1));