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lcd-24bit: Introduce a 24-bit mid-level LCD driver
With LCD driver all calculation will be performed on RGB888 and the hardware/OS can display from our 24bit framebuffer. It is not yet as performance optimized as the existing drivers but should be good enough.The vast number of small changes is due to the fact that fb_data can be a struct type now, while most of the code expected a scalar type. lcd-as-memframe ASM code does not work with 24bit currently so the with 24bit it enforces the generic C code. All plugins are ported over. Except for rockpaint. It uses so much memory that it wouldnt fit into the 512k plugin buffer anymore (patches welcome). Change-Id: Ibb1964545028ce0d8ff9833ccc3ab66be3ee0754
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diff --git a/apps/gui/line.h b/apps/gui/line.h
index c14f04d9a2..8a1cc05af2 100644
--- a/apps/gui/line.h
+++ b/apps/gui/line.h
@@ -66,10 +66,10 @@ struct line_desc {
int16_t line;
/* line text color if STYLE_COLORED is specified, in native
* lcd format (convert with LCD_RGBPACK() if necessary) */
- fb_data text_color;
+ unsigned text_color;
/* line color if STYLE_COLORBAR or STYLE_GRADIENT is specified, in native
* lcd format (convert with LCD_RGBPACK() if necessary) */
- fb_data line_color, line_end_color;
+ unsigned line_color, line_end_color;
/* line decorations, see STYLE_DEFAULT etc. */
enum line_styles style;
/* whether the line can scroll */