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Foreground/Background colour settings. Based on patch #3050 by Jonathan Gordon, extended my me. The principle of the patch is that the three sliders contain the native ranges (currently 0..31, 0..63, 0..31), and the equivalent RGB888 colour is displayed underneath. The config block (and global_settings struct) contain the native value for the fg/bg colours (either RGB565 or RGB565SWAPPED), but the text .cfg files contain the RGB888 value written as 6 hex digits.
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--- a/apps/gui/splash.h
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@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@
#ifndef _GUI_SPLASH_H_
#define _GUI_SPLASH_H_
#include "screen_access.h"
* Puts a splash message on the given screen for a given period
* - screen : the screen to put the splash on