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Add an alternative analogic touchpad sensitivity setting
Set an alternative touchpad sensitivity setting if the 3 following variables are defined: DEFAULT_TOUCHPAD_SENSITIVITY_SETTING MIN_TOUCHPAD_SENSITIVITY_SETTING MAX_TOUCHPAD_SENSITIVITY_SETTING aside from the usual: HAVE_TOUCHPAD HAVE_TOUCHPAD_SENSITIVITY_SETTING In such a case the setting will allow the user to set a precise value within the defined range unstead of the boolean choice HIGH/NORMAL Change-Id: Iba8140285317077381191e494df0d3f6ab556872 Reviewed-on: Reviewed-by: Amaury Pouly <>
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user: core
*: none
- gigabeatfx: "Touchpad Sensitivity"
+ gigabeatfx,sansafuzeplus: "Touchpad Sensitivity"
*: none
- gigabeatfx: "Sensibilité du pavé tactile"
+ gigabeatfx,sansafuzeplus: "Sensibilité du pavé tactile"
*: none
- gigabeatfx: "Sensibilité du pavé tactile"
+ gigabeatfx,sansafuzeplus: "Sensibilité du pavé tactile"