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Packard Bell Vibe 500: add specific strings to the languages.
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@@ -3899,6 +3899,7 @@
gigabeatfx: "POWER = Revert"
mrobe100: "DISPLAY = Revert"
gigabeats: "BACK = Revert"
+ vibe500: "CANCEL = Revert"
*: none
@@ -3910,6 +3911,7 @@
gigabeatfx: "POWER = Tilbakestill"
mrobe100: "DISPLAY = Tilbakestill"
gigabeats: "BACK = Tilbakestill"
+ vibe500: "C = Tilbakestill"
*: none
@@ -3993,14 +3995,14 @@
recording: "The disk is full. Press OFF to continue."
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "The disk is full. Press STOP to continue."
iaudiom5,iaudiox5: "The disk is full. Press POWER to continue."
- sansae200*,sansac200*: "The disk is full. Press PREV to continue."
+ sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500: "The disk is full. Press PREV to continue."
*: none
recording: "Disken er full. Trykk OFF for å fortsette."
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "Disken er full. Trykk STOP for å fortsette."
iaudiom5,iaudiox5: "Disken er full. Trykk POWER for å fortsette."
- sansae200*,sansac200*: "Disken er full. Trykk PREV for å fortsette."
+ sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500: "Disken er full. Trykk PREV for å fortsette."
*: none
@@ -4170,6 +4172,7 @@
ipod*: "SELECT=Set MENU=Cancel"
iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb: "SELECT=Set PREV=Cancel"
gigabeats: "SELECT=Set POWER=Cancel"
+ vibe500: "OK=Set C=Cancel"
*: none
@@ -4177,6 +4180,7 @@
ipod*: "SELECT=Sett MENU=Avbryt"
iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb: "SELECT=Sett PREV=Avbryt"
gigabeats: "SELECT=Sett POWER=Avbryt"
+ vibe500: "OK=Sett C=Avbryt"
*: none
@@ -6611,7 +6615,7 @@
archosplayer,iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "STOP to abort"
ipod*: "PLAY/PAUSE to abort"
iaudiox5,iaudiom5: "Long PLAY to abort"
- iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*: "PREV to abort"
+ iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500: "PREV to abort"
gigabeats: "BACK to abort"
gigabeatfx: "POWER to abort"
@@ -6620,7 +6624,7 @@
archosplayer,iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "STOP for å avbryte"
ipod*: "PLAY/PAUSE for å avbryte"
iaudiox5,iaudiom5: "Hold PLAY for å avbryte"
- iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*: "PREV for å avbryte"
+ iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500: "PREV for å avbryte"
gigabeats: "BACK for å avbryte"
gigabeatfx: "POWER for å avbryte"
@@ -9760,14 +9764,14 @@
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "Building database... %d found (STOP to return)"
ipod*: "Building database... %d found (PREV to return)"
iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,mrobe100: "Building database... %d found (LEFT to return)"
- iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gogearsa9200: "Building database... %d found (PREV to return)"
+ iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gogearsa9200,vibe500: "Building database... %d found (PREV to return)"
*: "Bygger database... %d funnet (OFF for å gå tilbake)"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "Bygger database... %d funnet (STOP for å gå tilbake)"
ipod*: "Bygger database... %d funnet (PREV for å gå tilbake)"
iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,mrobe100: "Bygger database... %d funnet (LEFT for å gå tilbake)"
- iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gogearsa9200: "Bygger database... %d funnet (PREV for å gå tilbake)"
+ iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gogearsa9200,vibe500: "Bygger database... %d funnet (PREV for å gå tilbake)"
*: "filer funnet for database"
@@ -10514,12 +10518,14 @@
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Yes"
samsungyh*,ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,sansae200*,sansac200*,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,mrobe100,gogearsa9200: "SELECT = Yes"
archosplayer: "(PLAY/STOP)"
+ vibe500: "OK = Yes"
*: "PLAY = Ja"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Ja"
samsungyh*,ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,sansae200*,sansac200*,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,mrobe100,gogearsa9200: "SELECT = Ja"
archosplayer: "(PLAY/STOP)"
+ vibe500: "OK = Ja"
*: ""
@@ -10537,12 +10543,14 @@
rtc: "ON = Set"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Set"
ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gigabeat*,mrobe100,gogearsa9200: "SELECT = Set"
+ vibe500: "OK = Set"
*: none
rtc: "ON = Sett"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Sett"
ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gigabeat*,mrobe100,gogearsa9200: "SELECT = Sett"
+ vibe500: "OK = Sett"
*: none