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committerGerrit Rockbox <>2015-11-15 23:46:39 +0100
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YH8xx,YH9xx: Keymap improvement
The main "innovation" in this patch are two "virtual buttons" for the record switch on YH92x targets. When the switch state changes, a single BUTTON_REC_SW_ON or .._OFF button event will be generated. Thus keymap code can react on switching, but not on the actual state of the switch. Wherever sensible, the following user scheme is applied: - use PLAY as confirm button - use REW button or Long REW to exit - use REC (YH820) or FFWD (YH92X) as modifier key for button combos Change-Id: Ic8d1db9cc6869daed8dda98990dfdf7f6fd5d5a1
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diff --git a/apps/lang/portugues.lang b/apps/lang/portugues.lang
index f441d8dcf2..c8b4f97f32 100644
--- a/apps/lang/portugues.lang
+++ b/apps/lang/portugues.lang
@@ -4129,6 +4129,7 @@
gigabeats: "BACK = Revert"
gogearsa9200: "LEFT = Revert"
vibe500: "CANCEL = Revert"
+ samsungyh*: "REW = Revert"
*: none
@@ -4144,6 +4145,7 @@
gigabeats: "BACK = Reverter"
gogearsa9200: "LEFT = Reverter"
vibe500: "C = Reverter"
+ samsungyh*: "REW = Reverter"
*: none
@@ -4210,6 +4212,7 @@
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "The disk is full. Press STOP to continue."
iaudiom5,iaudiox5: "The disk is full. Press POWER to continue."
sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500: "The disk is full. Press PREV to continue."
+ samsungyh*: "Disk full. Press LEFT to continue."
*: none
@@ -4217,6 +4220,7 @@
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "O Disco Está Cheio. Carregue STOP Para Continuar"
iaudiom5,iaudiox5: "O Disco Está Cheio. Carregue POWER Para Continuar"
sansae200*,sansac200*,vibe500: "O Disco Está Cheio. Carregue PREV Para Continuar"
+ samsungyh*: "O Disco Está Cheio. Carregue LEFT Para Continuar"
*: none
@@ -7587,7 +7591,7 @@
*: "PLAY = Yes"
cowond2*: "MENU, or top-right = Yes"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Yes"
- samsungyh*,ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,sansae200*,sansac200*,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,mrobe100,sansaclip*,sansafuze*,sansaconnect: "SELECT = Yes"
+ ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,sansae200*,sansac200*,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,mrobe100,sansaclip*,sansafuze*,sansaconnect: "SELECT = Yes"
mrobe500: "PLAY, POWER, or top-right = Yes"
archosplayer: "(PLAY/STOP)"
vibe500: "OK = Yes"
@@ -7597,7 +7601,7 @@
*: "PLAY = Sim"
cowond2*: "MENU, ou canto superior direito = Sim"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Sim"
- samsungyh*,ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,sansae200*,sansac200*,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,mrobe100,sansaclip*,sansafuze*,sansaconnect: "SELECIONAR = Sim"
+ ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,sansae200*,sansac200*,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,mrobe100,sansaclip*,sansafuze*,sansaconnect: "SELECIONAR = Sim"
mrobe500: "PLAY, POWER, ou canto superior direito = Sim"
archosplayer: "(PLAY/STOP)"
vibe500: "OK = Sim"
@@ -7617,7 +7621,7 @@
mrobe500: "HEART = Set"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Set"
ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gigabeat*,mrobe100,sansaclip*,sansafuze*,sansaconnect: "SELECT = Set"
- gogearsa9200: "PLAY = Set"
+ gogearsa9200,samsungyh*: "PLAY = Set"
vibe500: "OK = Set"
mpiohd300: "ENTER = Set"
@@ -7627,7 +7631,7 @@
mrobe500: "HEART = Definir"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "NAVI = Definir"
ipod*,iaudiox5,iaudiom5,iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,gigabeat*,mrobe100,sansaclip*,sansafuze*,sansaconnect: "SELECT = Definir"
- gogearsa9200: "PLAY = Definir"
+ gogearsa9200,samsungyh*: "PLAY = Definir"
vibe500: "OK = Definir"
mpiohd300: "ENTER = Definir"
@@ -9675,7 +9679,7 @@
*: "Building database... %d found (OFF to return)"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "Building database... %d found (STOP to return)"
ipod*: "Building database... %d found (PREV to return)"
- iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,mrobe100: "Building database... %d found (LEFT to return)"
+ iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,mrobe100,samsungyh*: "Building database... %d found (LEFT to return)"
iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,sansafuze*,vibe500: "Building database... %d found (PREV to return)"
gogearsa9200: "Building database... %d found (REW to return)"
archosplayer: "Building DB %d found"
@@ -9684,7 +9688,7 @@
*: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrados (OFF para voltar)"
iriverh100,iriverh120,iriverh300: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrados (STOP para voltar)"
ipod*: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrado (PREV para voltar)"
- iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,mrobe100: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrados (LEFT para voltar)"
+ iaudiox5,iaudiom5,gigabeat*,mrobe100,samsungyh*: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrados (LEFT para voltar)"
iriverh10,iriverh10_5gb,sansae200*,sansac200*,sansafuze*,vibe500: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrados (PREV para voltar)"
gogearsa9200: "Construindo Base de Dados... %d encontrados (REW para voltar)"
archosplayer: "Const. DB %d encontr."