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Add ability to always have autolock on
Tested on ErosQ Added a setting in the Advanced Softlock menu to always have autolock on, rather than having to "arm" it with the softlock button. Lock/Unlock still works the same with this on, but when the screen turns off, the device always ends up in the locked state. Requires Autolock On to be set as well, and the normal Autolock functionality is unchanged with this off. Caveat: the power/softlock button must be pressed at least once after powering on the device or enabling the feature. After that, it should consistently always "arm" the autolock. Added feature to manual in manual/configure_rockbox/system_options.tex. Also updated some labels I had changed in the Advanced Key Lock menu and added information for Disable All Lock Notifications in a previous commit. Shared items also updated in manual/configure_rockbox/display_options.tex for selective backlight. Change-Id: I09dc6814bee803e40c7088157e1fe9d01d5f3474
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*: "Exempt Volume"
+ desc: always prime autolock
+ user: core
+ <source>
+ *: "Always Autolock"
+ </source>
+ <dest>
+ *: "Always Autolock"
+ </dest>
+ <voice>
+ *: "Always Autolock"
+ </voice>