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the menu and list now accepts a parent viewport to draw in (and the menu can be told to not show status/button bars). This lays the groundwork to fix colour problems with plugin menus (see star.c for an example.) This hopefully fixes some button bar issues as well as theme problems.
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diff --git a/apps/menu.h b/apps/menu.h
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--- a/apps/menu.h
+++ b/apps/menu.h
@@ -117,7 +117,8 @@ bool do_setting_from_menu(const struct menu_item_ex *temp);
This is always set, even if the menu was cancelled.
If NULL it is ignored and the firs item starts selected
-int do_menu(const struct menu_item_ex *menu, int *start_selected);
+int do_menu(const struct menu_item_ex *menu, int *start_selected,
+ struct viewport parent[NB_SCREENS], bool hide_bars);
/* In all the following macros the argument names are as follows:
- name: The name for the variable (so it can be used in a MAKE_MENU()