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authorWilliam Wilgus <>2018-12-09 12:09:40 -0600
committerWilliam Wilgus <>2018-12-09 22:54:55 -0600
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Fix possible truncation misc.c->output_dyn_value + use Kibytes
output_dyn_value now requires the count for number of units Binary scale now shows Kibibytes instead of kilobytes (g#1742) Fixes output for negative values as well Change-Id: I8aa896860e97d2453fa35069e2dfe1caac60109f
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diff --git a/apps/misc.h b/apps/misc.h
index b13c0b15c6..6821c6debf 100644
--- a/apps/misc.h
+++ b/apps/misc.h
@@ -27,15 +27,19 @@
#include "screen_access.h"
extern const unsigned char * const byte_units[];
-extern const unsigned char * const * const kbyte_units;
+extern const unsigned char * const * const kibyte_units;
/* Format a large-range value for output, using the appropriate unit so that
* the displayed value is in the range 1 <= display < 1000 (1024 for "binary"
* units) if possible, and 3 significant digits are shown. If a buffer is
* given, the result is snprintf()'d into that buffer, otherwise the result is
* voiced.*/
-char *output_dyn_value(char *buf, int buf_size, int value,
- const unsigned char * const *units, bool bin_scale);
+char *output_dyn_value(char *buf,
+ int buf_size,
+ int value,
+ const unsigned char * const *units,
+ unsigned int unit_count,
+ bool binary_scale);
/* Format time into buf.