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Introduce a small helper function that asks the user if the dynamic playlist should be erased to increase code re-use
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diff --git a/apps/misc.h b/apps/misc.h
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--- a/apps/misc.h
+++ b/apps/misc.h
@@ -69,6 +69,10 @@ char *create_datetime_filename(char *buffer, const char *path,
bool unique_time);
#endif /* CONFIG_RTC */
+/* Ask the user if they really want to erase the current dynamic playlist
+ * returns true if the playlist should be replaced */
+bool warn_on_pl_erase(void);
/* Read (up to) a line of text from fd into buffer and return number of bytes
* read (which may be larger than the number of bytes stored in buffer). If
* an error occurs, -1 is returned (and buffer contains whatever could be