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authorChristian Soffke <>2021-12-29 20:24:51 +0100
committerWilliam Wilgus <>2022-01-04 18:00:49 -0500
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PictureFlow: Utilize "Current Playlist" menu (+ GS fixes)
When appending tracks, they were always inserted last. You can now choose from the usual options offered by the "Current Playlst" context menu to queue or to insert tracks at the requested position. The splash after appending that forced you to wait for 2s has been eliminated. Also fixes crashes on targets that use the grey_core lib if a splash showed up when playback was started, e.g. LANG_PLAYLIST_CONTROL_ACCESS_ERROR, or when PictureFlow quit. Change-Id: I661c59057b5315ba793ee1674f7a2ea1ffd7968d
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diff --git a/apps/onplay.h b/apps/onplay.h
index 27f0436403..bff8dafff0 100644
--- a/apps/onplay.h
+++ b/apps/onplay.h
@@ -51,6 +51,6 @@ enum hotkey_action {
/* needed for the playlist viewer.. eventually clean this up */
void onplay_show_playlist_cat_menu(char* track_name);
-void onplay_show_playlist_menu(char* path);
+void onplay_show_playlist_menu(const char* path, void (*playlist_insert_cb));