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Big Patch adds primarily: Samplerate and format selection to recording for SWCODEC. Supprort for samplerates changing in playback (just goes with the recording part inseparably). Samplerates to all encoders. Encoders can be configured individually on a menu specific to the encoder in the recording menu. File creation is delayed until flush time to reduce spinups when splitting. Misc: statusbar icons for numbers are individual digits to display any number. Audio buffer was rearranged to maximize memory available to recording and properly reinitialized when trashed. ColdFire PCM stuff moved to target tree to avoid a complicated mess when adding samplerate switching. Some needed API changes and to neaten up growing gap between hardware and software codecs.
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diff --git a/apps/pcmbuf.h b/apps/pcmbuf.h
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--- a/apps/pcmbuf.h
+++ b/apps/pcmbuf.h
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@
/* Returns true if the buffer needs to change size */
bool pcmbuf_is_same_size(size_t bufsize);
-void pcmbuf_init(size_t bufsize);
+size_t pcmbuf_init(size_t bufsize, char *bufend);
/* Size in bytes used by the pcmbuffer */
size_t pcmbuf_get_bufsize(void);
size_t get_pcmbuf_descsize(void);