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authorMichael Sevakis <>2017-12-07 11:20:09 -0500
committerMichael Sevakis <>2017-12-07 11:33:29 -0500
commit83e8e35a5888e32b131d628b7516d0de1d73d760 (patch)
treeda9a1acc010393c5a8c44a01bbf3ecbf3a1ef1f0 /apps/playback.c
parentbef75a94f8eb3432c96356541c0162e7a6c650fa (diff)
Ensure ci is properly updated if seeking before track load completes
If in the middle of a manual skip, playback would try to seek, and therefore start, the codec before the audio handle was available. This wasn't really a problem since the codec would just bail out and be retried later. But, it is a problem for a change I was working on with seeking where the codec could get caught in a full-speed loop trying to seek itself (stoppable, not lockup). The main side effect of this change that you may notice, if using an HDD with dircache turned on and the disk is not spinning, is that you can keep holding down prev/next if dir skipping and the WPS will start FF/RW mode. By the time the new track shows up, you will have seeked into it some amount. Well, the PBE is getting the info ASAP anyway and as far as it's concerned, the next track is under way. On that end of things, it's correct. Perhaps WPS should lock out its own seek mode at certain times. Change-Id: Ifc7409a886df399cec189d1bae2adba3872e857a
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1 files changed, 4 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/apps/playback.c b/apps/playback.c
index d48fd39fb8..c2fc30f0a1 100644
--- a/apps/playback.c
+++ b/apps/playback.c
@@ -2904,7 +2904,9 @@ static void audio_on_ff_rewind(long time)
/* Track must complete the loading _now_ since a codec and audio
handle are needed in order to do the seek */
- if (cur_info->audio_hid < 0 &&
+ bool finish_load = cur_info->audio_hid < 0;
+ if (finish_load &&
audio_finish_load_track(cur_info) != LOAD_TRACK_READY)
/* Call above should push any load sequence - no need for
@@ -2914,7 +2916,7 @@ static void audio_on_ff_rewind(long time)
- if (pending == TRACK_SKIP_AUTO)
+ if (pending == TRACK_SKIP_AUTO || finish_load)
if (!bufreadid3(cur_info->id3_hid, ci_id3) ||
!audio_init_codec(cur_info, ci_id3))