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iBasso DX50/DX90: Major code cleanup and reorganization.
Reorganization - Separated iBasso devices from PLATFORM_ANDROID. These are now standlone hosted targets. Most device specific code is in the firmware/target/hosted/ibasso directory. - No dependency on Android SDK, only the Android NDK is needed. 32 bit Android NDK and Android API Level 16. - Separate implementation for each device where feasible. Code cleanup - Rewrite of existing code, from simple reformat to complete reimplementation. - New backlight interface, seperating backlight from touchscreen. - Rewrite of device button handler, removing unneeded code and fixing memory leaks. - New Debug messages interface logging to Android adb logcat (DEBUGF, panicf, logf). - Rewrite of lcd device handler, removing unneeded code and fixing memory leaks. - Rewrite of audiohw device handler/pcm interface, removing unneeded code and fixing memory leaks, enabling 44.1/48kHz pthreaded playback. - Rewrite of power and powermng, proper shutdown, using batterylog results (see - Rewrite of configure (Android NDK) and device specific config. - Rewrite of the Android NDK specific Makefile. Misc - All plugins/games/demos activated. - Update tinyalsa to latest from Includes - - - Does not include due to new backlight interface and new option for hold switch, touchscreen, physical button interaction. Rockbox needs the iBasso DX50/DX90 loader for startup, see The loader expects Rockbox to be installed in /mnt/sdcard/.rockbox/. If /mnt/sdcard/ is accessed as USB mass storage device, Rockbox will exit gracefully and the loader will restart Rockbox on USB disconnect. Tested on iBasso DX50. Compiled (not tested) for iBasso DX90. Compiled (not tested) for PLATFORM_ANDROID. Change-Id: I5f5e22e68f5b4cf29c28e2b40b2c265f2beb7ab7
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diff --git a/apps/playback.c b/apps/playback.c
index c57855eeac..d1fe8ca0ea 100644
--- a/apps/playback.c
+++ b/apps/playback.c
@@ -1961,7 +1961,7 @@ static int audio_finish_load_track(struct track_info *info)
resume_rewind_adjust_progress(track_id3, &elapsed, &offset);
logf("%s: Set resume for %s to %lu %lX", __func__,
- id3->title, elapsed, offset);
+ track_id3->title, elapsed, offset);
enum data_type audiotype = rbcodec_format_is_atomic(track_id3->codectype) ?