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authorHardeep Sidhu <>2004-01-26 17:05:21 +0000
committerHardeep Sidhu <>2004-01-26 17:05:21 +0000
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Modified playlist handling to allow for multiple playlists to be edited at the same time. Added support in playlist viewer for viewing/editing playlists on disk (accessed via ON+PLAY->Playlist->View on a playlist). Added menu in playlist viewer for changing a few settings and saving playlist. Added File Options menu in playlist viewer ON+PLAY menu.
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diff --git a/apps/playlist.h b/apps/playlist.h
index 020d3332cb..482cecd128 100644
--- a/apps/playlist.h
+++ b/apps/playlist.h
@@ -28,9 +28,12 @@
struct playlist_info
+ bool current; /* current playing playlist */
char filename[MAX_PATH]; /* path name of m3u playlist on disk */
+ char control_filename[MAX_PATH]; /* full path of control file */
int fd; /* descriptor of the open playlist file */
int control_fd; /* descriptor of the open control file */
+ bool control_created; /* has control file been created? */
int dirlen; /* Length of the path to the playlist file */
unsigned int *indices; /* array of indices */
int max_playlist_size; /* Max number of files in playlist. Mirror of
@@ -63,33 +66,48 @@ struct playlist_track_info
int display_index; /* index of track for display */
+/* Exported functions only for current playlist. */
void playlist_init(void);
int playlist_create(char *dir, char *file);
int playlist_resume(void);
int playlist_add(char *filename);
-int playlist_insert_track(char *filename, int position, bool queue);
-int playlist_insert_directory(char *dirname, int position, bool queue,
- bool recurse);
-int playlist_insert_playlist(char *filename, int position, bool queue);
-int playlist_delete(int index);
-int playlist_move(int index, int new_index);
int playlist_shuffle(int random_seed, int start_index);
-int playlist_randomise(unsigned int seed, bool start_current);
-int playlist_sort(bool start_current);
int playlist_start(int start_index, int offset);
bool playlist_check(int steps);
char *playlist_peek(int steps);
int playlist_next(int steps);
int playlist_get_resume_info(int *resume_index);
int playlist_get_display_index(void);
-int playlist_get_first_index(void);
int playlist_amount(void);
-char *playlist_name(char *buf, int buf_size);
-int playlist_get_track_info(int index, struct playlist_track_info* info);
-int playlist_save(char *filename);
-int playlist_get_seed(void);
-char *playlist_get_name(char *buf, int buf_size);
-bool playlist_modified(void);
+/* Exported functions for all playlists. Pass NULL for playlist_info
+ structure to work with current playlist. */
+int playlist_create_ex(struct playlist_info* playlist, char* dir, char* file,
+ void* index_buffer, int index_buffer_size,
+ void* temp_buffer, int temp_buffer_size);
+int playlist_set_current(struct playlist_info* playlist);
+void playlist_close(struct playlist_info* playlist);
+int playlist_insert_track(struct playlist_info* playlist, char *filename,
+ int position, bool queue);
+int playlist_insert_directory(struct playlist_info* playlist, char *dirname,
+ int position, bool queue, bool recurse);
+int playlist_insert_playlist(struct playlist_info* playlist, char *filename,
+ int position, bool queue);
+int playlist_delete(struct playlist_info* playlist, int index);
+int playlist_move(struct playlist_info* playlist, int index, int new_index);
+int playlist_randomise(struct playlist_info* playlist, unsigned int seed,
+ bool start_current);
+int playlist_sort(struct playlist_info* playlist, bool start_current);
+bool playlist_modified(struct playlist_info* playlist);
+int playlist_get_first_index(struct playlist_info* playlist);
+int playlist_get_seed(struct playlist_info* playlist);
+int playlist_amount_ex(struct playlist_info* playlist);
+char *playlist_name(struct playlist_info* playlist, char *buf, int buf_size);
+char *playlist_get_name(struct playlist_info* playlist, char *buf,
+ int buf_size);
+int playlist_get_track_info(struct playlist_info* playlist, int index,
+ struct playlist_track_info* info);
+int playlist_save(struct playlist_info* playlist, char *filename);
enum {