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All kernel objects in code shared amongs targets (core, plugins, codecs) should be declared SHAREDBSS_ATTR as any core could potentially touch them even though they seem only to involve threads on one core. The exception is target code for particular CPUs where proper allocation is fixed. playlist.c was a little odd too-- use one mutex for the current playlist and a separate one for created playlists (still pondering the necessity of more than one).
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diff --git a/apps/playlist.h b/apps/playlist.h
index fb30b7ac8c..9c45769981 100644
--- a/apps/playlist.h
+++ b/apps/playlist.h
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ struct playlist_info
int num_cached; /* number of cached entries */
bool pending_control_sync; /* control file needs to be synced */
- struct mutex control_mutex; /* mutex for control file access */
+ struct mutex *control_mutex; /* mutex for control file access */
int last_shuffled_start; /* number of tracks when insert last
shuffled command start */