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Patch by Wincent Balin of PDa plugin: update readme and disable shared libraries
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diff --git a/apps/plugins/pdbox/PDa/src/s_loader.c b/apps/plugins/pdbox/PDa/src/s_loader.c
index 83a59f3556..78be948b93 100644
--- a/apps/plugins/pdbox/PDa/src/s_loader.c
+++ b/apps/plugins/pdbox/PDa/src/s_loader.c
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ void class_set_extern_dir(t_symbol *s);
#ifdef STATIC
int sys_load_lib(char *dirname, char *classname)
-{ return 1;}
+{ return 0;}
int sys_load_lib(char *dirname, char *classname)
diff --git a/apps/plugins/pdbox/README.rockbox b/apps/plugins/pdbox/README.rockbox
index 634413b965..47a2abf19f 100644
--- a/apps/plugins/pdbox/README.rockbox
+++ b/apps/plugins/pdbox/README.rockbox
@@ -6,11 +6,19 @@ This directory structure contains the Pure Data Anywhere implementation
PDa is licensed under the Standard Improved BSD License and is copyrighted
-Miller Puckette and others
+by Miller Puckette and others
-PDbox is based on PDa 0.6 which is based on pd-0.37-4 (date?)
+PDbox is based on PDa 0.6 which is based on pd-0.37-4 (around the end of 2004).
-[more info from Wincent Balin goes here]
+Additionally a minor patch was applied to the file s_loader.c to prevent
+loading of shared libraries, which would not work in Rockbox anyway.
+The changes applied fall into three categories: networking, file operations
+and others. As Rockbox does not have a networking, a lightweight messaging
+system was implemented for communication. File operations differ under
+Rockbox from those under desktop operating systems a little. Most, if not all
+changes are recognizable by their using of the ROCKBOX preprocessor variable
+(i.e. #ifdef ROCKBOX, #endif /* ROCKBOX */).